Impractical Pedal: Madsen Cargo Bike Hot Tub

The Madsen is, by all accounts, a very practical bike. You can toss stuff into its big plastic tub with impunity. Beer? No problem. Groceries? Of course. Children? It can handle those. But bucket after bucket of sudsy bath water? Let's just say the idea played better in our heads.

The original thought was to turn the Madsen into a rolling hot tub. We were going to cruise Bozeman's main street in the hopes of luring adventurous souls into impromptu dips. But it turns out that plugging the Madsen's drain holes is not as easy as it should be. And then there's the who-knows-how-many pounds of sloshing water to contend with.

Luckily for us, our Madsen bathtub test pilot was a good sport. But it's safe to assume she won't be installing one of these babies in her bathroom any time soon.